Goals To Enhance The Future Of Maine’s Forest

FOR/Maine’s vision is that Maine will be a global leader in the forest products economy with a thriving, innovative, and diverse industry that provides good jobs in vibrant Maine communities.

We are committed to the focused and persistent effort accomplishing our goals will require. 

Goal 1: Sustain and grow Maine’s existing and emerging forest products economy, reaching $12 Billion in economic impact by 2025. 

We must strengthen and optimize existing wood products manufacturing, dedicate resources to a forest products industry attraction and diversification program to increase capital investment in markets that are a good fit for Maine, and improve Maine’s attractiveness for new capital investment in the forest products industry. We need to accelerate innovation in new forest products and applications to strengthen Maine’s leadership position. Maine must maximize the highest and best use of the wood supply, support the development of markets for efficient energy derived from wood, and improve transportation and logistics infrastructure for moving wood and finished wood products to market. 

Goal 2: Manage the wood resource using sustainable and responsible forest management practices. 

We need to use accurate and current data about Maine’s forest to inform investment and monitor sustainability. 

Goal 3: Prepare workforce for the future of the forest products economy. 

Maine needs to attract young people into the industry, and ensure that new, replacement and incumbent workers have the skills needed for existing jobs. We need to prepare our workforce for emerging products and new technologies in the forest products industry. 

Goal 4: Increase prosperity in Maine forest economy communities, especially those in rural Maine, including those affected by mill closures. 

We must strengthen Maine’s capacity for local, regional, and state community and economic development. We need to encourage community efforts to create the conditions that attract diverse investment, including efforts to redevelop mill sites, improve broadband and other infrastructure, and leverage community incentives to support these efforts. 

Goal 5: Organize the forest products industry with committed public sector partners, including the University of Maine, to implement the vision and goals. 

In order to succeed, we must communicate and implement an ambitious forest-based economy strategy, and continue to work together to ensure these recommendations are implemented and that stakeholders remain engaged, committed, and supportive of each other.