Forest Opportunity Roadmap / MAINE Strong forests. Strong economy. Strong communities.


After two years of research and strategy development, informed by extensive data, global benchmarking, and industry expertise, the findings are out!

See the roadmap to grow Maine’s forest products sector by 40% by 2025.


  • Wood Production

    13 M tons of wood processed (2016)
  • Economic Impact

    $8.5 B industry
    $1/20 Maine GDP
  • Job Creation

    35,000 jobs sustained
    1/24 jobs in Maine
89% forested
17.6 M acres
  • Recreation

    Millions of acres of private working forests open for activities including fishing and hunting, hiking, rafting, canoeing and kayaking, skiing and snowmobiling, mountain biking
  • Wildlife

    Home for wildlife, including moose, white-tailed deer and black bear, bobcats and the endangered Canada lynx, hawks, owls and bald eagles, wild turkeys, and the largest population of native brook trout in the lower 48 states


Maine forests have the attributes businesses and investors seek in renewable forest endeavors:

Largest contiguous, privately owned working forest in the US: 16.3 million acres
More than 50% certified sustainable
Well-established forest industry infrastructure that can sustainably produce 13 million tons of wood per year
Leading forestry school and forest products R&D facilities: University of Maine
Proximity to the largest consumer market in the world: US eastern seaboard
Deepwater ports offer direct shipping to Europe and around the world


FOR/Maine’s purpose is to ensure that Maine adapts to market changes quickly and strategically, in order to maintain our leading role in the global forest economy.

  • Goal 1: Sustain and strengthen Maine’s existing forest products businesses.
  • Goal 2: Attract capital investments and develop greater economic prosperity in the forest products sector, for both existing and new businesses across the state.
  • Goal 3: Support the revitalization of Maine’s rural communities as places where people want to live, work and visit.


Forest Opportunity Roadmap / Maine (FOR/Maine) is a unique cross-sector collaboration between industry, communities, government, education, and non-profits, which have come together to realize the next generation of Maine’s great forest economy. The coalition was created with support from the U.S. Economic Development Agency and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

Steering Committee

  • Patrick StrauchMaine Forest 
Products Council
  • Yellow Light BreenMaine Development Foundation
  • Donna CasseseSappi North America
  • Tom DoakMaine Woodland Owners
  • Dana DoranProfessional Logging Contractors (PLC) of Maine
  • Steve SchleyPingree Associates
  • Charlotte MaceBiobased Maine
  • Stephen ShalerUniversity of Maine
  • Jake WardUniversity of Maine
  • Peggy DaigleFormer Town Manager/Consultant
  • Andy HamiltonEaton Peabody
  • Charlie SpiesCEI Capital Management


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