Careers: Millwrights

Careers: Millwrights

This job is right for you if….

You enjoy installing, dismantling, maintaining, repairing, and reassembling machinery in factories, power plants, and construction sites.

Fast Facts:

A millwright is a high-precision craftsman or skilled tradesman. They work with and install large pumps, values, rollers, turbines, rotors, fans, and more!

Median Hourly Earnings:


Occupational Group:

  • Skilled Production
  • Trades

Job Types Include:

  • Industrial Mechanic 
  • Construction Worker

Maine Based Resources To Get Training: Millwrights

Entry-Level Education 



Currently, there are several vocational trade schools that have specialized classes in industrial manufacturing. 

Maine Community College System


Community Colleges offer programs like an Associate’s degree in Electrical Construction & Maintenance as well as Industrial Maintenance.

University of Maine- Mechanical Engineering Technology


Post-Secondary Training

Eastern Millwright Regional Council

Offering extensive training for continued experience.