Careers: Log Graders & Scalers

Careers: Log Graders & Scalers

This job is right for you if….

You enjoy learning about different tree species, and attention to detail. 

Fast Facts:

Your job will include inspecting logs for defects and measuring the logs to determine their size and volume. Working on sorting yards, millponds, log decks, or other wood sorting locations, You will help to estimate the value of logs and pulpwood. These workers often use hand-held data collection devices for entering data about the trees. 

Median Hourly Earnings:


Occupational Group:

  • Forestry  
  • Forest Sciences

Job Types Include:

  • Log Scaler
  • Timber Inspector
  • Log Yard Manager
  • Pondman

Maine Based Resources To Get Training: Log Graders & Scalers

Entry-Level Education 



Currently, there are four Forestry/Wood Harvesting programs in Maine, all offer Certified Logging Professional (CLP) apprenticeship certification to successful graduates. These programs accept high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Training lasts between one and three years depending on the individual school. 

Maine Community College System


Community Colleges offer programs that may be of interest to prospective loggers or associated workers. 

University of Maine- Forestry 


Professional Training 

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative


Offers certification of the SFI Program as well as ongoing training on sustainable practices.