Careers: Adhesive Bonding Machine Operator

Careers: Adhesive Bonding Machine Operator

This job is right for you if….

You give keen attention to detail and enjoy working with a team.

Fast Facts:

Adhesive Bonding Machine Operators tend to machines that use adhesives to join items as part of the processing phase. 

Median Hourly Earnings:


Occupational Group:

  • Skilled Production
  • Trades

Job Types Include:

  • Coater Operator  
  • Glue Line Operator  
  • Glue Reel Operator 
  • Machine Operator

Maine Based Resources To Get Training: Adhesive Bonding Machine Operator

Entry-Level Education 



Currently, there are several vocational trade schools that have specialized classes in industrial manufacturing. 

Maine Community College System


Community Colleges offer programs that may be of interest to a prospective machinist operator or associated worker (i.e., anyone with interest in manufacturing) Programs vary from welding to equipment operation, and more. 

University of Maine- Mechanical Engineering


Maine Maritime Academy – Mechanical Engineering